Prince Charles has reportedly requested the title of a book about his Welsh holiday home be changed.

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Clarence House submitted a request to PhD student Mark Baker asking him to amend title of A Royal Residence in Wales – Llwynywermod because it was considered too formal as the house near Mydd-far is not an official royal residence.

It has now been renamed A Royal Home in Wales – Llwynywermod. Karen Smart, administrator with publishers Accent Press, is quoted on the WalesOnline website as saying: “The prince felt that the house is not a formal residence but an informal one.

“He wanted the title of the book changed because it sounds more informal.”

The author – who is a student at Wales’ Cardiff University – was commissioned by the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust to pen the book, which reveals the estate’s original owner, Vicar Daniel Williams was a descendant of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII and that the main mansion house was virtually bulldozed down in the 1960s.

Mark, 23, said the property is a typical Welsh medieval home, noting: “It evolved over the centuries and each generation added a new wing or section but in a way that added to it rather than detracted from it.

“But then in the 1960s the family who farmed on the estate dismantled much of the mansion house.

“They were products of their time because lots of historic homes were coming down in the 1950s and ’60s – one every four days.”

In June, Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall spent their first night together in their new Welsh home during a tour of the region. The book is set to be released in November