Charles visits holocaust survivors

Prince Charles and wife the Duchess of Cornwall visited holocaust survivors in Poland yesterday (28.04.08).

The royal couple – who are in Krakow to open a new Jewish community – were said to be deeply moved by their plight.

The community centre, which will serve around 1,000 people, was an initiative which was started by the prince after a visit to Krakow in 2002, whereupon the prince contacted charity World Jewish Relief (WJR) with a view to doing something to help the Jewish community in Krakow. The prince donated some of his own money toward the UKP700,000 centre.

WJR chair Nigel Layton said: “We are honoured and delighted that the royal couple will be joining us for this momentous occasion and we are grateful to them for their wonderful support of WJR throughout this project.”

The community centre, in the town’s Jewish quarter Kazimierz, includes day care facilities for elderly people, rooms that can be used for both small and large scale events and a new computer system including an internet café.

Krakow is the closest town to Nazi holocaust camp Auschwitz, where much of the town’s Jewish population were sent during World War II. It is also the site of Oskar Schindler’s factory, a German industrialist who saved over 1,200 Jews during the holocaust