Prince Andrew’s dinner date was mistaken for a suicide bomber by armed police at Windsor Castle.

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British TV presenter Tania Bryer and her chauffer were reportedly held at gunpoint after their car was spotted travelling at high speed on the Long Walk – a road leading up to the castle, where Queen Elizabeth was staying at the time.

An armed response unit was dispatched and surrounded the vehicle, leaving embarrassed Tania, 46, to explain she had got lost and was running late for dinner with Andrew, the queen’s second son.

The blonde host was forced to ring the prince and ask him to confirm her story to police so they would not arrest her or her driver.

Officers then escorted the vehicle to Andrew’s Royal Lodge home at Windsor Great Park, a mile away.

A source told The Sun: “The Long Walk is a two-and-a-half mile pedestrian walkway. God knows how they ended up there.

“It was feared the vehicle could have been on some kind of suicide mission and officers took the appropriate action.”

Tania’s spokesperson said: “The driver got lost. Tania was almost arrested and highly embarrassed.”