Charles takes bite at GM food

Prince Charles says the production of genetically-modified crops could lead to the “absolute destruction of everything”.

The prince, who owns an organic farm, is worried industrial-size food manufacturers will be running small corporations out of business.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph, Charles said: “Everything run by gigantic corporations? Is that really the answer? I think not. That would be the absolute destruction of everything and… the classic way of ensuring that there is no food in the future.

“I can just see small farmers being driven off their land by global conglomerates into unsustainable, unmanageable, degraded and dysfunctional conurbations of unmentionable awfulness.

“If that’s the future, count me out. We are missing the point. We should be discussing food security not food production.”

The prince also revealed he thinks food which has been genetically modified – such as tomatoes which have been made bigger and therefore easier to sell – is a recipe for disaster.

He added: “I think genetically modified food will be the biggest disaster environmentally of all time. We should be working with nature – we have gone working against nature for too long.”

“This is an experiment that’s gone seriously wrong, causing untold problems which become very expensive and very difficult to undo.”