Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has gone on holiday with her ex-husband.

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Camilla, who is now married to Prince Charles, and Andrew Parker-Bowles flew out to the Caribbean island of Antigua from Gatwick airport yesterday (28.02.08).

The pair – who were married for 21 years prior to their divorce in 1995 – are expected to be joined by their children, Tom and Laura, and their respective spouses, as well as Andrew’s wife Rosemary.

However, Charles will not meet up with Camilla until the start of their official 11-day royal tour of the Caribbean next week.

A source told the Daily Mail: “Make no mistake, Camilla never stopped feeling a lot of affection for Andrew. He has always supported her and behaved like a real gentleman when it really mattered. They are good friends. Camilla has been looking forward to it for a while.”

Charles was reportedly keen for Camilla to take the trip, but was reluctant to go with her because of the environmental impact of taking too many flights.

The source revealed: “Charles encouraged her to go. With his commitment to reducing carbon emissions he does not want to take flights that are not necessary, such as vacations.

“She understands the prince’s stance on the environment. I understand she even took the Gatwick Express train to get to the airport rather than be driven to do her bit for the environment.”