Princess Beatrice was late for her first university lecture yesterday (01.10.08).

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The night before the 19-year-old royal was due to begin her philosophy course at London’s Goldsmith’s college, she had been seen enjoying a late dinner with boyfriend Dave Clark.

Beatrice – looking embarrassed – arrived 20 minutes after the 10am start time for her 50-minute lecture after being escorted in by a member of staff.

A fellow student revealed: “It must have been embarrassing for Beatrice. All the others were already sat down listening so it was very quiet and all eyes turned to her.

“She just kept her head down, went a bit red, walked to the nearest desk and sat down. The male lecturer looked at her but didn’t say anything. Another member of staff had brought her into the lecture hall, so I think she had to be shown the way.”

Once she had settled into the lecture, Beatrice stunned her class mates by not making any notes.

The source added to The Sun: “Beatrice took out a really posh-looking leather-bound book to jot down notes in but she did not actually write anything at all in it.

“Every time I looked at her she seemed to be day-dreaming.”

Last week, Beatrice – who has just finished a gap year – arrived late to enrol for the university course following a late evening partying with younger sister Eugenie, 18.

Meanwhile, Beatrice – the daughter of Prince Andrews and Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson -is said to be “desperate” to move to Camden, the north London area where hard-partying Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding and troubled singer Amy Winehouse currently live.