Princess Diana’s letters have been sold for £24,265.

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The four letters – which the late princess wrote to her former nanny Mary Clarke – included one in which she revealed she felt like “an elephant” when dancing.

Diana, who famously danced with John Travolta at the White House in 1985, wrote when she was just 17: “My love of life is dancing, things like tap, modern, ballet and jazz. Also I love singing, even though my voice sounds awful. And watching me dance is like watching an elephant, so no one does.”

The letter was snapped up by a European buyer for £10,580.

In another note written while Diana was expecting Prince William, she revealed she was suffering from terrible morning sickness which was sending her into “despair”. It was sold for £9,200.

The other letters spoke of the princess’ excitement at her engagement and upcoming marriage to Prince Charles, including parts where she spoke of her love for him.

In one of the previously unseen notes, the princess revealed she had once tried to set up her sister Sarah with Charles.

She wrote: “For the last few years, Jane, Charles and I have been trying to marry off Sarah to various men but have failed in every direction. We even thought Prince Charles might have been in the running but were relieved when that passed.”

Speaking before yesterday’s (30.09.08) auction, Mary said: “It will be a wrench to let the letters go, but I will always have my memories of Diana, who was such a wonderful woman. But those memories are tinged with sadness because her dreams were completely shattered.”

Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris, France, on August 31 1997.