Heather Mills: 'I Get Nothing But Support from the Street'


With that backing, plans to save the planet and shun meat

Heather Mills: 'I Get Nothing But Support from the Street'

HEATHER MILLS believes she has the backing of the public in her never-ending divorce battle with Sir Paul McCartney.

"On the street I get nothing but support," Mills told BBC Radio host Vanessa Feltz. "The minute I spoke out it all turned around."

As further evidence for her popularity, Mills cites her campaign for truthful journalism, which she says has gained many more supporters than her campaign to stop trade in dog and cat-derived products.

Asked why she still courted publicity after all the brickbats thrown at her, Mills said: "I did nothing for a year, I stayed quiet. It didn't work. They [the press] followed me. They created a hate campaign."

Nor has she any plans to shun the spotlight in the future. "I can't disappear," she said. "I'd like to keep my daughter near her father."

On the subject of her love life, Mills admitted that, "it would take a pretty incredible guy" to cope with what's happening in her life.

Mills now aims to use her fame for the public good; "to get on with my campaign to make a better planet," was how she put it.

To this end, she is determined to promote veganism.

"I want to use the platform I've been given," said Mills. "It's important to look at what happens when you eat meat."

Mills pointed to the CO2 gases produced by the world's cows which contribute to global warming and deforestation and said we'd be better off eschewing all meat, fish and dairy products.

"There is an alternative to every single meat," Mills said.

More info on veganism can be found at: http://www.viva.org.uk/

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