50 Cent shocked Indian fans by unzipping his trousers during an online interview.

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The Candy Shop rapper, who was being quizzed by South Asian fusion website desihits.com, caused uproar by making the sexually provocative motion while being taught chat up lines.

As 50 was shown how to say ‘Beautiful Girl’ in Hindi, he loosened his flies and interrupted: ‘Everyone around the world knows sign language. I am looking forward to coming to India. Every country I have been to, even if I don’t speak the language, people know what I mean when I do this.’

The visibly stunned male interviewer covered his face with his hands as he said: ‘Stop 50, you are really embarrassing me. I can’t believe 50 just tried to show us his wicket!’

The presenter hastily made 50 return to his seat before cutting to a music video.

One horrified female viewer said: ‘What 50 did was totally unacceptable. I couldn’t believe he could be so inappropriate during an interview.’

50 also revealed he is set to release his own range of incense. The hip-hop star is considering launching a line of aromatic oils and sticks under the name 50 Scent.

He said: ‘You know what, this could be cool. I like this idea.’