Dustin Hoffman says monogamy isn’t natural.

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Hoffman – who has been married to second wife Lisa Gottsegen for 27 years – says loving only one person doesn’t come naturally to him.

Hoffman, 70, said: “There’s so much about marriage that’s unnatural. I don’t think it’s natural to be monogamous, to be as in love as you were the day before.”

The Kung Fu Panda star, appearing at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the animated film, said that despite his views he’s never strayed from his wife.

He added: “Does fidelity make sense? Yes. I don’t think you can substitute honesty in a relationship.”

Hoffman also mused on the concept of individuality, one of the key themes in
Kung Fu Panda.

Hoffman said: “The minute we get into school, whatever it is that makes us individual is knocked out. The idea of being outside of the norm’ is to be laughed at and scorned. It’s a bizarre inversion of the miracle of life.”

Hoffman and Gottsegen have four children together while the Oscar-winning actor also has two children from a previous marriage.