LONDON UNDERGROUND train drivers are to go on strike in less than two weeks time, the RMT union has announced.

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The strikes are to come in two five-day blocks; the first in the middle of this month starting on 16 May and the second in the middle of June.

London Underground’s reluctance to re-instate two drivers the RMT says were sacked due to their union activity, is at the heart of the dispute.

“It is the abject failure of London Underground to recognise that their policy of victimisation of union activists has been well and truly rumbled that has left us with no choice but to name these dates for strike action,” said RMT leader Bob Crow.

London Underground denies the two drivers – Eamon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas – were sacked for their union work, but say they will “respond to whatever conclusions are reached” by the on-going Employment Tribunal into the matter.

One clue as to which way the tribunal will swing is that it has awarded what they call “Interim Relief” to the two men. Interim Relief effectively turns the dismissals into suspensions on full pay.

“It’s no wonder that the Employment Tribunal was swift to see through the management lies and grant both these members Interim Relief, an award which requires the strongest possible proof that their sackings were down to their union activities,” said Crow.

Strike Days

2101 16 May – 1159 17 May
1200 18 May – 1159 19 May
1200 20 May – 2100 20 May

2102 13 June – 1159 14 June
1200 15 June – 1159 16 June
1200 17 June – 2100 17 June