Guy Ritchie has ended the plans of his estranged wife Madonna to fill their swimming pool with Kabbalah water.

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Before announcing their split earlier this month, Guy and Madonna had been given permission by local authorities to build an indoor pool at their estate in Wiltshire, Southern England.

Madonna, 50, wanted the pool to be filled with special blessed Kabbalah water – in keeping with the mystical offshoot of Judaism which she follows – but Guy, 40, is now insisting the pool is filled with normal chlorinated water.

A source close to the couple told the Daily Mirror: “Guy partly blames Kabbalah for the deterioration of their marriage, so the last thing he wants is an Olympic pool-sized reminder of the religion.

“There would also have been water fountains dotted around, again filled with Kabbalah water.

“Since splitting, they’ve agreed to let Guy keep the country home – meaning he can do what he wants with it. One of the first things he’s insisted on is scrapping the ridiculous pool plans.”

Changing the plans for the pool have not come cheap however, as the source added: “Cancelling the order means he’ll have to pay out almost £10,000 plus
he will have to pay a regular firm to fill the pool.”

According to the website, the special water is “channelled through certain Kabbalistic blessings and meditations” and “infused with sharing consciousness, Kabbalah Water manifests water’s primordial capacity to heal and protect”.

As Guy works on his new film Sherlock Holmes in the UK, Madonna continues her Sticky and Sweet tour in the US – but friends claim she is now in “full meltdown mode” and “barely functioning without a Kabbalah consultant”.

Rumours linking her to baseball star Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez also persist, with a source claiming the pair will go to Malawi together – the birthplace of David Banda, the three year old adopted by Madonna and Guy.

The source added: “Madonna is still planning a trip to Malawi when the divorce is finalised and her tour is over, and she still expects A-Rod to come on the trip with her. There’s very much a deep relationship there.”