Tube Faces Strike over 'Muggers Paradise' Stations.

Tube Strikes Planned for Late June and Early July

TUBE strikes are on the way this month and next, the first 48 stoppage booked to start at 7pm on 23 June, the second on 7 July.

The walk-out is to be by maintenance workers in the RMT union concerned they will suffer a fall in their pay and conditions after being transferred from the previously privatised Tube Lines company to Transport for London

“We have given TfL, and their newly-acquired subsidiary Tube Lines, plenty of opportunity to give us assurances that staff won’t take the hit for the failure of the privatisation project,” said RMT leader Bb Crowe.

“They have failed to give us those assurances, leaving us with absolutely no option but to announce these strike dates to protect both our members and the safety of the travelling public.”

TfL say they are open to talks with the RMT.

“We strongly urge RMT leadership to call off the threatened strike action and to enter proper dialogue with us after our acquisition of Tube Lines,” read a TfL statement.

Assuming dialogue fails to make the peace, it is expected that the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines will be most affected b the strikes.