JUSTICE SECRETARY Jack Straw has over-ruled the Parole Board’s recommendation to release Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs.

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The Parole Board had earlier ruled Biggs to be a “manageable” threat and should be released.

“I hope that Mr Straw finds it in his heart to review his recommendation not to release my father,” said Bigg’s son Michael.

“My father represents no threat to society whatsoever. He has paid his debt to society – what more could they want?”

Straw wants Biggs, 79, to show more remorse, seems to be the answer to that question.

“He is wholly unrepentant,” said Straw. “He has not undertaken risk-related work and does not regret his offending.”

Michael Biggs said today that Ronnie has expressed remorse for the 1963 robbery; at the time, with a haul of £2.6M, the biggest heist in British history. The “risk-related work” Straw mentions is impossible for Biggs to complete, for reasons of ill-health, according to Michael.

“He cannot walk, he cannot talk, he cannot read or write, he cannot drink – how can he take any reoffending courses?” he asked.

Biggs has had strokes, is being fed via a tube, recently broke his hip and is currently in a Norwich hospital, but Straw is adamant that the Train Robber’s poorly condition isn’t enough to merit his release.

Back in 2000, Straw was the Home Secretary who released from British custody mass murderer General Pinochet, on health grounds.