METROPOLITAN Police chiefs have finally admitted that undercover officers infiltrated crowds at the G20 demonstrations in London in 2009, nearly two years after telling the House of Commons that “there were no plain clothes officers deployed at all”.

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The April 2009 demo was the one at which bystander Ian Tomlinson died after being beaten by police.

“Having made thorough checks on the back of recent media reporting we have now established that covert officers were deployed during the G20 protests,” read a Met statement.

“Therefore the information that was given by Commander Bob Broadhurst to the Home Affairs Select Committee saying that ‘we had no plain-clothes officers deployed within the crowd’ was not accurate.”

Broadhurst was the commander of operations for the demo and infamously issued stark warnings of violence ahead of the event, leading campaigners to ask whether the Met had used agent provocateurs.

Next week, he will be made to appear at the same Commons committee before which he gave the faulty evidence, but the Met has already sort-of denied that any of the estimated 25 undercover officers acted as agent provocateurs.

“Such behaviour goes completely against how [the Met] deploys officers,” the statement continued.