Heather Mills: 'I Get Nothing But Support from the Street'

Heather Mills Parties on Paul’s Cash

Heather Mills threw a party to celebrate her UKP65 million divorce settlement last night (17.02.08).

The former model, who is due in London’s High Court for the sixth day of her settlement hearing today (18.02.08), reportedly decided to toast her triumph after persuading estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney to give into her demands on Friday (15.02.08).

A source told Britain’s News of the World newspaper: “The party is a big thank you to all the people who stuck by her. It is also a final dig at Paul – who spent months telling her she wouldn’t get his money. He was optimistic the payout would be low and this settlement would have hit him hard.”

Today’s hearing will see the pair thrash out the finer points of the divorce agreement before Judge Mr. Justice Bennett approves the deal.

A source said: “Heather is over the moon. The deal is as good as done.”

Paul, 65, is set to give Heather a UKP20 million cash pay out, along with a further UKP2.5 million annually for the next 14 years to look after their four-year-old daughter Beatrice.

The 40-year-old vegan – who is representing herself in the hearing – will also receive a 24-hour security team, nanny, housekeeper, a travel budget and a personal trainer.

The Beatles legend has agreed to settle her UKP2 million legal bill and her UKP2.2 million overdraft.

Heather has already been given £2 million in cash as an interim payment.

In return, Heather must not discuss details about her relationship with Paul or his family, or release the video diary she made following their split in May 2006.

Heather will not receive any of Paul’s properties and will not be entitled to anything when the musician – who is worth an estimated £825 million – dies.

Meanwhile, Heather’s manicurist Kerry Newman has revealed the animal rights campaigner has been ordering staff to check the value of Paul’s art, furniture and Beatles memorabilia.

Kerry said: “Heather is obsessed with Paul and his money. She thinks he is hiding how much he is really worth.”

The manicurist also claims Heather blames Paul for the split and says he begged her to take him back.

She added to Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper: “She said his drinking drove them apart, he used to be abusive to her. She told me that right up until the divorce, Paul would come round late at night and say, ‘Look what you are missing.’ ”

Now her divorce is almost finalised, Heather is keen to start dating again.

She is looking for a man aged between 45 and 60, who shares her passions and isn’t interested in her money.

A source said: “Heather doesn’t want someone as old as Paul. She is also wary of men who are gold-diggers and just after her money. He must be a vegetarian who will campaign against landmines and animal cruelty. He must have a great sense of humour and being able to handle a strong and dynamic woman.”