LONDON UNDERGROUND stations and trains could find themselves under a siege of flowers next week as the Occupy movement plans its latest stunt.

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Timed to coincide with traditional May Day get-togethers that celebrate popular protest, the Occupy London people say they aim to pull off “a fun and inspiring event” centred on Tube stations in the City of London.

The only clue as to what form the protest will take is the repeated mention of “white flowers” on the Occupy London website.

“All will be revealed on Tuesday morning but look out for white flowers,” reads one line.

“Wear your best workwear and bring white flowers. Musicians, performers and artists also welcome, as are donations of white flowers, which can be left at the Finsbury Square occupation prior to May Day.”

Occupy London supporters – who shot to fame during their long-running camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral – also plan to join thousands of others in a march to Trafalgar Square on May Day.