Hampton Court Opens Its Palace of Ice.

Hampton Court Opens Its Palace of Ice

HAMPTON COURT is the latest of the local winter ice-rink’s to open for business, when skaters and fallers are invited to do their stuff down by the river Thames from tomorrow, Saturday 28 November.

Already, the likes of Hyde Park, the Natural History Museum and Somerset House have lured skaters to their varied rinks set in eye-catching surrounds.

Apart from the palace itself and wondering if Henry VIIIth and Anne Boleyn frolicked on the ice hereabouts, perhaps the main attraction of Hampton Court
over its rivals is the river, which you can see as long as you stay on your feet.

If you can’t, they’ve kindly sorted out a cafe right by the rink from where you can watch your crowd have fun and/or give them the evil eye so they collapse in a heap, too.

Hampton Court Ice Rink is open from 28 November until 10 January 2010. Tickets available here