THE MUSEUM of LONDON has launched a new iPhone app which brings up old images of the street in which you stand.

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Called Streetmuseum, the app contains hundreds of photos and paintings from the museum’s collection, from the Great Fire of 1666 to the swinging 60s.

The idea is that you find your location on a map, click and up comes an image-ghost of London past. Not quite Doctor Who, but as close to travelling back in time as you’re likely to get in the real world.

“The Streetmuseum app is an exciting departure for the Museum of London, opening our unique collections to new audiences in a thought-provoking and creative manner,” said Jack Lohman of the Museum of London.

This is just the latest app for London. In March we reported on Get London Reading, a gizmo that works in similar way to Streetmuseum, but instead of an image of a street, an image of a book cover pops up.

The only downside of the new apps is that they don’t work on Android, the main rival to Apple’s iPhone-based system.

“Unfortunately, we have no plans to develop the Streetmuseum app for other phones,” said the MoL’s John Joyce.

“However should we obtain additional funding this would certainly be reviewed.”