A BAR in Balham has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first pee-controlled video game for pubs.

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Urinals at The Exhibit have been fitted with sensors that are wired up to a screen: all game-loving gents have to do is load up their bladders, take aim and fire.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to differentiate ourselves from the London competition,” said Drew Weatherhead, owner of The Exhibit.

“[These] units will give us a big edge when it comes to driving new promotions and attracting and retaining new customers.”

Though The Exhibit’s new water sports are a first for a bar, the idea of pee-controlled video games has been around for a while and they have already been installed in public toilets on the Tokyo Metro system .

Games available include Splashing Battle; Manneken Pis, named after the Brussels statue, and The North Wind and the Sun and Me, in which the stronger a man’s pee-stream, the more virtual wind is blown up a Marilyn Monroe-style character’s skirt.

That leads to the obvious question: how come there is no version available for women?

(Photo not of The Exhibit’s toilets).