FARE-DODGING among the 18-34 age group has approached epidemic proportions with one in five admitting to ripping off London Underground.

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That puts the Generation Y group in double trouble compared to the average rate of 9%, according to a survey of Tube fare evasion by security company G45.

One reason for the startling stat is that fraudulent use of student Oyster cards is amongst the most popular dodges and once you get to 35, it’s probably more obvious you’re not on your way to a media studies lecture.

Another reason could be that people in the Generation Y age bracket have a more flexible view than others on what constitutes theft, given they are the most common users of illegal-download music and video sites.

Overall, G45 calculate that fare evasion costs London Underground £3M a year, although the extent of the problem is disputed by Tube bosses.

“There is simply no evidence to suggest that such a practice is in any way widespread on our network,” said a spokesperson for Transport for London.

“We don’t recognise these claims nor the basis on which they are made.”