THE BRITISH MUSEUM is to reach a wider audience for its video content by linking up with online TV service BT Vision.

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Archive films, documentaries and lectures are already available through a channel on the museum’s own website and on YouTube , but it is thought the deal with BT Vision will draw in a bigger audience.

BT Vision is a wonderful way to widen access to some fascinating documentaries from the British Museum,” said Joanna Mackle, Public Engagement Director at the British Museum.

“We are keen to share our content freely and widely to allow as many people as possible access to the collections and the wonderful stories it tells. Viewers will be able to stay up to the minute with current programmes by watching lectures and films linked to our popular exhibitions.”

Not surprisingly, BT Vision boss Marc Watson agreed.

“Our customers can visit the museum without leaving their armchairs and see captivating stories of humanity, from civilisations which disappeared thousands of years ago to the world we live in today,” he said.