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Cover Girl
18 October
Gorgeous vintage Technicolor musical starring Rita Hayworth in her prime as a Broadway dancer loved by Gene Kelly in his first big song-and-dance success.

The Exiles
21 October
Kent Mackenzie’s riveting, innovative dramadoc, unseen since 1961, about displaced urban Native Americans leading despondent lives in LA’s Bunker Hill district.

The Last Wagon
25 October
A tribute to the late Richard Widmark in one of his best roles as an outlaw who saves a wagon train from marauding Indians – beautifully shot in “Scope and Technicolor.

The Living Corpse
27 October
Late-silent Soviet-German masterpiece, with a superb original score recorded live, adapted from Tolstoy’s classic about a state prosecutor who stages his own murder.

A Man to Remember
30 October
Welcome re-discovery of an RKO B-movie gem from 1938 by Garson Kanin, about a liberal smalltown doctor who puts his patients before his pocketbook.

The Miracle Woman
19 October
Barbara Stanwyck in her first big role as the ambiguous heroine of Capra’s cynical study of a crowd-stirring evangelist preacher, based on the real-life Aimee Semple McPherson.

A Modern Musketeer
28 October
Frantic fun, with hyper-acrobatic Douglas Fairbanks enjoying himself as a latter-day D’Artagnan who performs athletic acts of chivalry from Kansas to the Grand Canyon.

Once Upon a Time in the West
26 October
Dazzling restoration of the American release version of Sergio Leone’s epic, violent post-Italian Western.

The Soul of Youth
20 October
Compassionate, heart-warming study of juvenile justice in America in 1920.

Touki Bouki
24 October
Sumptuous colour restoration of an exhilarating, semi-surreal classic arthouse favourite from Senegal.

The Trespasser
29 October
Gloria Swanson’s successful first talkie, Oscar-nominated as a stenographer who endures scandal and sacrifice.

Virtue + Shopworn
18 October
Cracking, fast-paced pre-Code melodrama with Carole Lombard, plus a Depression-era morality tale starring Barbara Stanwyck.

17 & 19 October
Meticulously researched and sparely beautiful account of the creation and destruction of England’s first commune.