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The Brothers Bloom
27 & 28 October
A fresh and warm hearted take on the con man movie, with fast and funny dialogue and impeccable performances.

Che (Part 1 & Part 2)
25 October
Steven Soderbergh’s audacious studies of Che Guevara’s campaigns in Cuba and Bolivia.

Che Part 1
27 October
A chronicle of Che Guevara’s role in the successful uprising in Cuba, and a riveting depiction of the realities of struggle.

Che Part 2
29 October
The story of the failed Bolivian insurgency, a tale of idealism and sacrifice showing Che Guevara’s enduring legacy.

The Class
18 & 20 October
Palme d’Or winning account of one term in a Parisian high school. Dramatic, funny and wonderfully observed.

Easy Virtue
28 & 29 October
A hugely enjoyable version of Noel Coward’s twenties culture clash between dusty English aristocrats and a brash and bohemian American.

15 & 18 October
Peter Morgan’s electrifying depiction of the historic encounter between Richard Nixon and jet-setting television personality David Frost.

22 & 26 October
After tragedy strikes, a man and his two daughters move to Italy to begin life anew in this moving and beautifully observed story of family relations.

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
27 & 28 October
A fascinating, entertaining documentary capturing the critical and cultural influence and the capacity for excess of the legendary journalist.

19 & 20 October
A bold and powerful interpretation of the highly emotive events surrounding the 1981 IRA Hunger Strike.

The Other Man
17 & 19 October
A sophisticated drama capturing the subtle nuances of love, betrayal and forgiveness.

Quantum of Solace
29 October
The return of the world’s favourite secret agent in this high octane action adventure of treachery, murder and deceit.

The Secret of Moonacre
26 October
Our Family Gala follows Maria Merryweather on her quest to discover a hidden secret.

Slumdog Millionaire
30 October
The fascinating story of a young man from the Mumbai slums whose success on India’s ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ reveals his true desire.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
21 & 25 October
Woody Allen’s comedy explores the tangled desires of two young Americans and the locals they meet during one summer in Barcelona.

23 & 24 October
Oliver Stone’s take on the story of the one time black sheep of the Bush family and his rise to become leader of the Free World.

Waltz with Bashir
24 & 27 October
Provocative and visually inventive, this animated documentary is a potent study of the futility of war.