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Alina Rudnitskaya
25 October
Documentary portraits of three groups of women reveal the humour and pathos of life in modern day Russia.

Anywhere USA
24 October
The semiotics of the moustache can unravel any mystery from an Islamic affair and the tooth fairy to the inadequacies of race relations in this satire of American values.

Ben Rivers at The Edge of the World
26 October
British filmmaker Ben Rivers travels to remote locations to encounter outsiders who live on the margins of society.

The Feature
26 & 28 October
A fictionalised biography of Michel Auder’s life in the New York art world, featuring Cindy Sherman, Larry Rivers and Andy Warhol.

Le genou d’Artemide + Itineraire de Jean Bricard
16 & 17 October
Le Genou d’Artemide presents the passionate exchange of orations by two mature gentlemen in a sun-dappled woody glade. In Itineraire de Jean Bricard, Straub and Huillet show us the Loire in long moving takes of the river in silvery black-and-white.

Guy Debord
25 October
An extremely rare opportunity to see new 35mm prints of films by French writer and theorist Guy Debord, best known for The Society of the Spectacle.

Nathaniel Dorsky
26 October
The celebrated American artist presents a programme of his exuberant and deeply affecting films.

Studio: Pneuma Monoxyd
25 October
Shadowy human forms drift through darkness in Thomas Köner’s immersive audio-visual work. Continuous free screening.

19 & 20 October
Formal rigour, subtle social comment and playful humour combine in a testament to America’s railroads and a celebration of cinema.

A Sense of Place
25 October
Artists use the moving image to evoke a sense of place, either real or metaphysical. Includes works by Nicky Hamlyn, Jayne Parker and Phil Solomon.

The Silence before Bach
20 & 23 October
Part-fiction, part-documentary, The Silence before Bach offers an intelligent and often very witty treatment of Bach’s legacy.

Studio: Kempinski
26 October
A sci-fi vision of Africa presents mysterious predictions of the future. Continuous free screening.

The Word for World is Forest
26 October
Blurring the lines between fiction and anthropology. Includes works by Neil Beloufa, Brigid McCaffrey and Ben Russell.

When Latitude Becomes Form
25 October
A kaleidoscope of colourful abstraction and inventive imaging. Includes works by Bruce Conner, David Gatten and Pat O’Neill.

Yah Chayka!
29 & 30 October
Japan’s greatest living poet Shuntaro Tanikawa teams up with Wakako Kaku on a Chris Marker-like film composed largely of still photographs: a suicidal man is rescued by a young woman who works in a small astronomical observatory. With Babin, a strange fantasy set in a forest clearing by Japan’s foremost surrealist, Isamu Hirabayashi.