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16 & 17 October
Waiting for Godot meets The Passion According to St. Matthew in this imaginative treatment of the Biblical tale of the Magi.

Black Sea
20 & 23 October
The relationship between an elderly woman and her young Romanian care worker is at the centre of this slow burning, intimate film.

Blind Loves
19 & 21 October
A touching, inventive and often very funny portrait of the way people live and love without sight.

Bullet in the Head
23 & 24 October
This accomplished feature imagines the days leading up to the assassination of two Spanish civil guards killed during a surveillance operation.

The Candidate
23 & 24 October
A defence attorney is thrown into a world of blackmail, murder and deception. A stylish and breathtaking Copenhagen-set noir thriller.

19 & 21 October
Two Russian soldiers capture a handsome Chechen in this adaptation of Vladimir Makanin’s unusual story of war in the Caucasus.

Citizen Havel
22 & 26 October
A witty, considered and personal documentary with fascinating insights into the life of Václav Havel, the man who helped shape the early history of the Czech Republic.

Cloud 9
16 & 17 October
A brave and truthful portrayal of love in later life.

Cold Lunch
24 & 25 October
The main fuse in an Oslo flat block gets disconnected, setting off a chain of events in the lives of those living in the apartments.

Country Wedding
26 & 27 October
A couple thinks nothing could be nicer than a wedding in the country. It’s only an hour’s drive from the city but, of course things don’t go as planned.

19 & 22 October
A sensitive treatment of bullying both in the school playground and in the wider social landscape in which the protagonists operate.

22 & 23 October
A brother and sister build a house together in a remote section of the Danube in this superbly photographed tale of primeval passions.

23 & 25 October
Road movie and absurdist Belgian Noire meet in a droll and idiosyncratic story of a duo of misfits, bursting with verbal and visual humour.

Everybody Dies but Me
22 & 23 October
An unusual and authentic insight into the world of Russian teenagers as three young girls prepare for the school disco.

Flame & Citron
16 & 18 October
Beautifully constructed and hugely entertaining WW2 Danish Resistance drama.

20 & 21 October
The darkly funny story of an oddball family determined to live happily by the side of a motorway.

18 & 21 October
A car accident leads to a game of emotional cat-and-mouse when a street prostitute seeks revenge against two secret lovers.

I Am Alive
19 & 20 October
A superior black comedy with serious overtones, an intelligent and surprising supernatural tale.

26 & 29 October
A humorous and poignant take on the real value we place on the opinions of others.

The Karamazovs
18 & 21 October
Petr Zelenka’s unusual take on theatre and life follows a group of Czech actors as they perform an adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s novel in a Polish factory.

23 & 26 October
Two young kids endure a night on the streets of Dublin.

Lazy Days
16 & 18 October
Three childhood friends refuse to grow up in this warm and often very funny slacker movie set in suburban Seville from Spanish director Jesús Ponce.

The Market
29 & 30 October
A wry Turkish road move and comedy of commerce in which a hapless but lovable rogue sets out to improve his lot by some dodgy dealing over the border.

Max Minsky and Me
19 October
If boffin Nellie is going to make it to the basketball championships in time then she’d better learn how to play first…

Mid-August Lunch
22 & 26 October
A man is offered a solution to his money problems as the traditional Italian holiday of August 15th approaches.

No Network
25 October
Kalli discovers that living in an icy area with no phone network is no fun. With a wild polar bear, a restless ghost and a blizzard approaching, life’s about to get worse.

Of Parents and Children
23 & 24 October
A retired scientist and his adult son reflect on life during their regular walk around the outskirts of Prague.

Ordinary Boys
28 & 30 October
Distinctive and timely study of a trio of young people in urban northern Morocco.

The Past is a Foreign Land
28 & 29 October
Compulsive thriller about the dangerous relationship developing between a young law student and an unscrupulous card shark.

Railroad Crossing
27 & 28 October
Aimless Marc tries to decide what to do with his life post-university.

28 & 29 October
A bungled robbery leads to a search for revenge in this masterful and intelligently crafted drama.

17 & 19 October
Three young women search for work in the big city in a beautifully acted film emphasising the values of friendship.

19 & 23 October
A bleak but poetic tale of a Moscow pickpocket and his involuntary friendship with his 12-year-old accomplice.

SOS – Summer of Suspense
19 October
A thrilling family adventure featuring a girl, her seal and a gang of smugglers.

Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms
18 & 20 October
Why put up with being an ordinary earthworm when you can start up your own disco band and have it all?

A Tale of Two Mozzies
25 October
Animated fun with Egon, a mosquito who rides a bicycle instead of flying and his dancing friend Dagmar.

22 October
A charming and nostalgic film in which a young boy sets out to prove that a man he sees at the station is really his lost father.

18 & 20 October
Sandro Aguilar’s haunting, formally ambitious debut immerses the viewer in a series of uncannily potent scenes, and signals the arrival of a striking new talent.

Where is Winky’s Horse?
19 October
Winky Wong has a major search on her hands when St Nicholas’ horse goes missing and his parade is only days away.