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57000 km Between Us
24 & 25 October
Sex, lies, camcorders and social embarrassment – Delphine Kreuter’s caustic digital comedy uproariously dissects French family life in the website era.

The Beaches of Agnès
18 & 28 October
A kaleidoscopic auto-documentary from the Grandmother of the French New Wave, chronicling her remarkable life and career.

La Belle personne
16 & 17 October
Romantic agony comes to a Parisian high school, in a lively and affecting ensemble drama from director Christophe Honoré.

Dying or Feeling Better
23 & 24 October
A moody adolescent boy teams up with outsider twins in Laurence Ferreira-Barbosa’s moving but edgy evocation of the small-town teenage blues.

A Lake
22 & 23 October
One of France’s absolute cutting-edge directors, Philippe Grandrieux presents a haunting new work, a snowbound landscape drama set in a world of stillness and near-silence.

21 & 24 October
French anarcho-surrealist directors de Ververn and Delépine (Aaltra) return with a wayward odd-couple comedy about a factory worker out for revenge and the inept hitman she bonds with.

Mia and the Migoo
26 October
Mia befriends the Migou, creatures who are custodians of a strange tree in a large forest.

Modern Life
19 & 20 October
A masterful and uniquely moving portrait in Depardon’s continuing series of films documenting the changing face of rural France.

Nucingen Haus
25 & 27 October
A tale of the unexpected about ghosts, memory and territorial disputes in an eerie old mansion.

16 & 18 October
Inventive French adaptation of John Cheever’s suburbian-dystopia novel Bullet Park.

Possibility of an Island
19 & 22 October
An eerie vision of cloning, religion and the (questionable) future of humanity.

A Simple Heart
17 October
Sandrine Bonnaire is at her best as a servant in a nineteenth-century household, in a spare, evocative adaptation of Flaubert’s classic story.

La Vie d’artiste
20 & 22 October
A writer, an actor and a would-be chanteuse pursue elusive glory in Marc Fitoussi’s brittle comedy about artistic disappointment.