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25 & 27 October
A dark tale from within the American prep school that brims with vitality and originality.

All Around Us
21 & 23 October
Wise and deliciously witty, Ryosuke Hashiguchi’s film chronicles eight years of a marriage: the easy-going husband becomes a courtroom artist, while his high-strung wife nearly has a breakdown.

Beautiful Losers
18 & 21 October
In the early 1990s, a number of like-minded young Americans, began to make art that would reflect their lives, and changed popular culture.

Beirut Open City
17 & 18 October
A dark thriller set in a twilight Beirut underworld where secret torture chambers and clubs filled with beautiful women stand side by side.

The Betrayal
28 & 29 October
An intimate and richly textured examination of the personal consequences of America’s covert operations in Laos during the Vietnam era.

Colours of Passion
26 & 30 October
A sensuous story about the trials and loves of revolutionary Indian artist Raja Ravi Verma.

The Desert Within
18 & 23 October
Paternal affection takes a twisted turn in this epic take on devotion and indoctrination set during the religious purges that followed the 1928 Mexican Revolution.

20 – 24 October
An authentic portrayal of life in Kampala’s inner city, in which four friends set out to make it as hip hop musicians.

Eye of the Sun
21 & 22 October
A hypnotising journey through modern day Egypt and Iraq that veers between documentary and fiction, this won the Best Film prize at the Taormina film festival.

16 & 19 October
The story of how the Hindu-Muslim riots that ravaged Gujarat in 2002 altered the lives of a number of different characters.

German + Rain
20 – 24 October
An indomitable 16-year-old grapples with an unsympathetic boss, a small boy who wants to be a girl, a singing contest – and her dying father.

Good Cats
26 & 29 October
A young man working for a dubious property developer finds his life and marriage falling apart as China becomes a moral vacuum.

Goodbye Solo
17 & 18 October
The pairing of a Senegalese taxi driver and a grumbling old-timer in North Carolina is the basis for the latest insightful portrait of human behaviour from Ramin Bahrani.

Hansel and Gretel
24 & 25 October
Grown-up re-reading of fairy tales in the Angela Carter tradition: a young man crashes his car on a forest road and finds himself trapped in the “House of Happy Children”.

Hassan and Morcos
16 & 18 October
Egyptian screen icons Omar Sharif and Adel Imam team up for the first-time in this razor sharp satire about religious intolerance.

21 & 23 October
Pasion’s prize-winning feature combines a lacerating satire of ‘reality TV’ ethics with a cautionary account of the marketability of certain images of ‘Third World’ poverty.

Laila’s Birthday
17 & 19 October
A moving, often funny tale of a Palestinian taxi driver just trying to get home in time for his daughter’s birthday.

25 & 27 October
A fond and fitting tribute to the LA club which has played host to a strong community of musicians and comedians from Fiona Apple to John C. Reilly.

Last Thakur
25 & 28 October
The ‘Western’ genre excellently retold in Bangladesh – a lone gun-man rides into town…

20 & 21 October
Set in the isolated interior of Tierra del Fuego, a restrained and brilliantly paced story of one man’s journey into his past.

Loose Rope
22 October
Two friends from the countryside set off to the big city with an injured cow for company in this deceptively charming Iranian road movie.

Medicine for Melancholy
17 – 19 October
American independent cinema at its finest; director Barry Jenkins has emerged as a talent worthy of celebration.

Momma’s Man
16 & 19 October
Azazel Jacobs’ third feature is beautifully nuanced story of a thirtysomething taking stock and a personal and poetic tribute to New York bohemia.

Must Read After My Death
27 – 30 October
A lyrical and moving portrait of an unconventional family in 1960s Connecticut.

Night and Day
28 & 29 October
Shot mostly in Paris, Hong Sang-Soo’s droll movie chronicles the emotional/sexual drift of a Korean émigré who misses his wife but finds himself falling for a much younger woman.

Nights and Weekends
16 – 18 October
The pains and pleasures of a long distance relationship form the basis of Joe Swanberg’s latest collaboration with Greta Gerwig.

Not Quite Hollywood
25 & 28 October
Ocker comedies, bawdy sex romps, blood-drenched horror schlock and brutal action movies; welcome to Ozploitation cinema!

Parque via
16 & 17 October
A Mexican caretaker faces the challenge of leaving the security of the only home he has known for decades.

Quick Gun Murugan
16 & 19 October
Comedy about a Bollywood gunslinger on a mission to save vegetarians and the world!

La Rabia
27 & 28 October
Disturbing study of adultery, emotional isolation and domestic dysfunction in a remote town in the Argentine pampas.

Ramchand Pakistani
18 & 20 October
A Pakistani Hindu father and son are arrested as they accidentally cross the border into India.

Routine Holiday
21 & 22 October
Poet/novelist Li Hongqi scans the façade of suburban housing tenements and exposes the vaguely sinister enigmas within.

Salt of this Sea
24 & 27 October
A Palestinian-American woman takes the law into her own hands when she discovers his bank account has been annulled.

The Secret
16 & 17 October
Joko Anwar’s Indonesian genre-bender starts as a compelling film noir, turns into a supernatural mystery and ends in Highlander territory – all with an angry political backbeat.

Sex Positive
24 & 27 October
A stimulating account of pioneering safe sex advocate Richard Berkowitz.

The Sky, the Earth and the Rain
29 & 30 October
From José Luis Torres Leiva comes a ravishing study of solitude and melancholy set in the beautiful, bleached landscape of south-central Chile.

South Main
16 – 20 October
A fresh and clear sighted expose of inequality, told through the stories of three women evicted from their homes as part of a drive to clean up South Central LA.

Still Walking
22 & 23 October
Hirokazu Kore-eda’s great new film is what the Japanese call a “home drama,” revealing everything that unites and divides one particular family in one 24-hour time-frame without a shred of melodrama.

30 October
Set in 1970s Ethiopia, the story of a young man returning home after studying at university in Germany.

Tony Manero
18 & 20 October
Saturday night fever under Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile.

Under the Tree
17 & 20 October
Indonesian master Garin Nugroho interweaves three stories about women, births and deaths, all set in the distinctive (and sometimes mystical) culture of Bali.

United Red Army
22 October
Koji Wakamatsu’s epic-scale docu-drama brilliantly reconstructs the most troubling episode in the bloody history of Japanese student-radical extremism.

Victoire Terminus
26 & 30 October
A documentary portrait of female boxers in Kinshasa.

A Week Alone
30 October
A beautifully observed take on the ‘Home Alone’ scenario – with a motley group of children entertaining themselves whilst their parents are away.

Welcome to Sajjanpur
25 & 26 October
Comedy about a frustrated writer who pens letters for fellow villagers, getting everyone in trouble.

Witch of the West is Dead
26 & 30 October
It’s hard to imagine a more touching version of a girl’s rite of passage than Shunichi Nagasaki’s exquisite adaptation of a famous novel by Kaho Nashiki.

Wonderful Town
23 & 24 October
Aditya Assarat’s multi-prize-winning debut deals with the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami in a small town on Thailand’s south coast.