Vince Vaughn banned a sex scene with Reese Witherspoon from their new romantic comedy.

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It had previously been reported Reese was refusing to film a bedroom romp with the Wedding Crashers star in their new movie Four Christmases, but an insider has revealed it was Vince who was against the scene.

The on set source said: “Vince is a producer on the movie and made sure that there was no sex scene between them in the film. She and Vince are professionals, but they both said no!”

The 37-year-old actor also approved most of the script, which tells the story of a couple whose divorced parents do not get on, so decide to celebrate Christmas separately with each of them.

It was previously claimed Reese, 31, disapproved of Vince’s behaviour on set.

While she is keen to work hard and film on schedule, he allegedly turns up to work hung-over, forgets his lines and is constantly fooling around on set.

Meanwhile, the insider also revealed the Oscar-winning actress sends her children, Ava, eight, and Deacon, four, to her film sets before she leaves for work, to ensure they avoid paparazzi who follow her.

The source added to the New York Daily News: “Reese sends Ava and Deacon to the set well in advance. She knows that she is a draw for the paparazzi, so once the kids are safely in her trailer, Reese drives in with the photographers en masse behind her. She’s a great mom with them on set.”