Susan Sarandon loves getting older

Susan Sarandon loves getting older – because she is no longer judged on her looks.

The 61-year-old actress wants to grow old gracefully and isn’t tempted to go under the surgeon’s knife to hold onto her youth.

Susan said: ‘I actually look forward to getting older – it is certainly better than the alternative – when looks should become less of an issue, and when who you are is the point.

‘I haven’t had any surgery, but I don’t knock it. I think that women, anyone, has the right to do anything that they like with their bodies if it makes them feel good about themselves.’

However, the Thelma and Louise star, who is 12 years older than husband Tim Robbins, admits it’s hard to see herself on the big screen as it highlights all her wrinkles.

She added the Daily Record: ‘It’s hard to be in this business, to make a film, and then to be seen on a screen that is huge. You can see every single line, no matter the skill of the make-up artist. But I don’t like it when surgeons take a perfectly lovely woman and then turn her into this strange person with amazing breasts who looks like a female impersonator.’