Stella McCartney was told by fashion industry experts she would “fail” when she set up her eponymous label.

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The designer – named both Designer Brand and Designer of the Year at last night’s (27.11.12) British Fashion Awards – admits she was warned by a senior fashion boss not to leave French fashion house Chloe in 2001 because she wouldn’t be able to succeed on her own.

She said: “He said to me: ‘Stella, you will live to regret this. You will fail, and I offer to you to stay here in Paris and start your brand with us.’

“I was really grateful for his offer, but I stuck to my instincts and told him that I still wanted to go. As I left he said – in a French accent – ‘You need to learn. There has never in history of fashion been a British fashion house with a woman’s name on the label that has ever been truly global.’

“So I guess I have to thank him – Mr Anonymous.”

During her speech at the awards in London last night, McCartney also paid tribute to Team GB, for whom she created Olympic and Paralympic kits to wear at London 2012.

She said: “Something I’ve learnt this year is that great people make Great Britain. This has been one of the most incredible years of my life. I thank everyone who fell in love with the London 2012 Olympics.”