Spandau Ballet plan LP of new material. Photo Credit: Phil Guest. C.C. License.

Spandau Ballet plan LP of new material

SPANDAU BALLET plan to follow up next month’s new single, Once More, with an album full of new material.

“In a couple of years, we’ll do a new album with 12 original songs,” singer Tony Hadley told The Guardian.

In the meantime, the 80s New Romantic band have a tour to take care of and an album of acoustic covers of their biggest hits.

“With this album, we worked really hard,” said Hadley.

“We sat around a coffee table with acoustic guitars and tried to give it a new feeling. To Cut a Long Story Short is dark and brooding, and Chant No 1 has ended up a swamp track from the southern states of America.”

Spandau Ballet’s European tour includes nights at the O2.