Sir Mick Jagger worried Amy Winehouse could die young

Sir Mick Jagger is worried Amy Winehouse could die young.

The Rolling Stones frontman – who has lived a wild rock and roll lifestyle – knows how difficult it is to avoid the trappings of fame, and is willing to help troubled Amy quit drugs and alcohol.

Mick is quoted by The Sun as saying: “Amy is a brilliant
artist who makes fantastic music. She has class. I am worried she might die if she goes down the road that she has taken. If only she would sort herself out.

“It’s really hard because your mind has to make that switch. If my mind hadn’t always told me that I shouldn’t do too much, then I could have ended up
like Amy years ago.

“But I always had that little voice in my head that kept me on my toes and told me to stop altogether in the end. I realised that I didn’t want to end up dying young.”

Amy, 23, was set to support the Rolling Stones on their A Bigger Bang World Tour, but had to pull out after an alleged drugs overdose in August.

Mick – who performed with Amy at the Isle of Wight Festival in July – was disappointed she didn’t join them on tour.

He said: “It’s a real shame that happened. She would have been amazing on that tour.

“It would have been like full circle for the Stones, because Amy is like some of these classic soul singers from the past that inspired us. To have a woman that sings just like them in this time is wonderful.”