Sir Michael Caine will play the role of a lead agent in the movie adaptation of comic book The Secret Service, directed by Michael Vaughn.

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The Bermondsey-bred actor will undertake rigorous training for a series of combat sequences, choreographed by a team who previously worked with Jackie Chan.

Caine will star alongside Colin Firth, whose character is taken under the 80-year-old’s wing.

The revelation comes shortly after comic book writer Mark Millar expressed his excitement about the upcoming film over Twitter.

Millar wrote earlier this month: “Just read the final draft of Matthew & Jane’s Secret Service adaptation and it ties with Pulp Fiction as my favourite screenplay ever.”

He added: “You’ll see what I mean next November, but Secret Service is the spy movie we’ve been waiting for since Bond lost his sense of humour.”

Millar and Vaughn have already screen-tested three young actors to star alongside Firth and Caine, including Jack O’Connell (300: Rise of an Empire), John Boyega (Attack the Block), and Christian Cooke (Magic City).

Variety reports that Aaron Taylor-Johnson was being looked at for the role but was reportedly asking for too much money and is no longer being considered.