Simon Cowell, Terri Seymour still on

Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour are not splitting up.

The music mogul’s brother Tony – who made the revelation in a new interview to promote his spoof book The Secret Diary of Simon Cowell – claims the couple have learnt to compromise over Simon’s reluctance to start a family.

Tony said: “It’s very difficult for Terri, as she would like to have a child and spend more time with him, but he will never want to marry or have children and she has learnt to accept that now.

“It’s not because of anything that’s happened in his past, it’s purely just because he has such a strong love of his work.

“Simon has no desire to settle down and play happy families. But I do think he and Terri are in it for the long term.”

Tony also revealed Simon tends to go for women who have been surgically enhanced.

He added to Star magazine: “He likes women who have had cosmetic surgery. He thinks if you can afford it, why not look after yourself?”