Sarah Harding wants to have a boob job to correct her “fluctuating” breasts.

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The Girls Aloud beauty lost her enviable assets when she slimmed down from a size 12 to a size 8 and is thinking about going under the knife to “refill” them.

She said: “My boobs aren’t too bad, but they fluctuate. They go up and they go down. They’ve got a life of their own. I don’t like them too small or too big, just in the middle.

“I used to think I wanted them done when they got really small. I used to be a DD cup but when I lose a bit of weight, they get smaller. And it’s not like they just suddenly shrink and stay really pert either – sometimes you need something just to refill them a little bit. So yes, I’d definitely consider it.”

However, Sarah – who was a bridesmaid at Jordan’s wedding to Peter Andre in September 2005 – says she won’t be following in the model’s footsteps by having her breasts enlarged to ridiculous proportions.

She added to Star magazine: “I wouldn’t want to carry around things that big. I’ve not seen her boobs since she had them reduced. I think her old boobs made her career, but small boobs are more trendy now and fashionable. She doesn’t need the big boobs now, she was sick of them weighing her down.”

Jordan, real name Katie Price, recently had her breasts reduced from a massive GG to a more manageable D cup.