Samantha Ronson has slammed rumours she hates Ali Lohan’s new song.

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The DJ, who is believed to be dating Ali’s older sister Lindsay Lohan, insists reports she refused to play the track at a party recently are “s**t”.

Samantha wrote on her official blog: “I really like the song – as soon as her MySpace page goes up it will be a song of the day. Where do they come up with this s**t????

“I wouldn’t be responding to this one – but I’m afraid that people might actually believe that and that’s not fair to Ali. She is 14-years-old – high school is bad enough – why torture teenagers?

“With that out of the way, check out the single – it’s a great f***ing pop song!”

It was previously claimed Ali and Lindsay’s mother Dina showed up to a Sephora party at New York’s Angel Orensanz Foundation Arts Center earlier this month with Ali’s new single, but Samantha – who was DJ-ing at the event – declined to use the song in her set because it was “really bad”.