Rihanna rates her bum

Rihanna says her butt is her best asset.

The sexy singer admits she loves to show off her curvy derriere in tight-fitting clothes because it drives men wild.

She said: “I absolutely love my bum, and I keep working at it because I want it to be perfect. It makes my clothes look good, and guys like it!”

Although she is proud of her rear, Rihanna hates her legs because she thinks they are too bulky.

She added: “I really don’t like my legs, I’m very insecure about them. Everyone wants to have slim, perfectly-toned legs and I’m no different. I do weights as part of my fitness regime but I don’t want my legs to bulk up so I do a lot of cardio to balance everything out.”

Rihanna, 20, has also confessed she hasn’t ruled out having cosmetic surgery in the future if certain parts of her body start to “drop”.

She said: “If my breasts started to drop, I might not like that. So I would consider every option. But for the next 20 to 25 years, I’m going to stay as natural as possible.”