Mischa Barton pitches for Supergirl role

Mischa Barton wants to play Supergirl so she can wear a “skin-tight leotard”.

The actress, who is one of the favourites to be cast as the sexy superhero in the new comic movie, admits she would jump at the chance to squeeze into the character’s famous outfit.

She said: “I’d love to wear the skin-tight leotard – it would be pretty awesome. But everybody in Hollywood goes up for these films. I haven’t been offered anything yet.”

Mischa, 22, also insists she doesn’t regret taking on the role of Marissa Cooper in hit US TV show ‘The O.C.’, because it helped her hone her acting skills.

She added: “Marissa was a multitude of people, and that opened me up as an actor – even though it was hard for me at the time to handle that character. But it worked in the end because I got to do so many emotionally gutsy things.

“They originally wanted to play Marissa as a Valley girl – a dumb blonde
airhead. But I went against that.”