Prince Harry’s alleged Las Vegas lover, Carrie Reichert, is writing a book and she promises to tell all about her night with the 28-year-old royal.

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Reichert – who claimed she kissed Harry in a naked “drunken fumble” following a party in his hotel room – has penned over 500 pages about her nights out and promises the book will “not hold back” on details.

“I am writing a book about what happened with Harry and other people too,” Reichart told the MailOnline.

“I want to put the record straight on the many things, which have been said about me in recent months. I think many people will be surprised at my life story.”

Reichart also lists Tiger Woods, Jude Law and Robbie Williams among those with whom she has partied.

A spokesman for Bad Girls PR, who are representing her, added: “Carrie has an extraordinary story to tell from her time with celebrities.

“She has hung out and been in unique positions with many celebrities and well known people.

“We are keeping the stories under wraps until the book’s release. But during early meetings, we have been shocked and surprised by what she had to say.

“I cannot say too much, but I feel there may be some stars quaking in their boots when this is published.”

Harry has always denied anything happened with 40-year-old Carrie during his infamous holiday in Vegas last year.