Max George caught fire during a concert with The Wanted in the US on Thursday (31.01.13) after the group walked through flames for their big entrance.

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The Wanted singer was performing a concert with the group – Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes – at the Prophet Bar in Dallas, Texas, when his velvet jacket was set alight.

George, 24, recalled to The Mirror: “We came through these big flames and just before I started singing I noticed these techie guys waving their hands.

“I looked down and my arm was on fire.”

Although George, 24, managed to put out the flames before it spread across his entire body, it didn’t stop the hunk from feeling “scared” by the feeling.

He said: “It was scary, my arm was on fire. Luckily there was no damage but it could have been a disaster.”

A similar incident happened to the late pop legend Michael Jackson, who suffered severe burns to his scalp after filming an advert for soft drink giant Pepsi in 1984 – an experience which is said to have “changed his life” and eventually led to his problems with prescription medication and obsession with cosmetic surgery.

George has recently been linked to troubled Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan, who has fuelling rumours by uploading images of the pair together to her Instagram account. He was previously with Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan.