Prince Harry has been trained to foil a kidnap in case his Apache chopper is shot down in Afghanistan.

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The 27-year-old royal, who was deployed to Afghanistan last week, is now prepared in case enemy forces gun down his Apache chopper, and he also has authority of 16 Hellfire missiles, a chain gun and 76 rockets.

Harry has been put through brutal training to prepare him for Afghanistan’s front line, involving an exercise mirroring capture by the Taliban.

A military source told the Daily Star: “He has been trained to resist interrogation. The training will have seen him have a bag put over his head, pushed and kicked around and sworn at.

Sounds like just another night in Vegas for the adrenalin-fuelled Prince!

Harry’s four-month tour of duty is to fly missions out of Camp Bastion in Helmand Province – regarded as the most dangerous area of the war-torn nation – as co-pilot in an Apache helicopter.

Known in the military as Captain Harry Wales, the prince first served in Afghanistan in 2008 and has been keen to return since then.