PETE DOHERTY has revealed that he faked drug tests while on probation.

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“I was testing negative now and again, probably half the time,” the Babyshambles singer told The Observer.

“But that was only when I could find someone who had clean p*ss for me to take in.”

In the end, the manipulation of wee-wee samples couldn’t save Doherty from ending up in prison because he consistently broke other probation rules, especially by turning up late for meetings.

“It was the lateness,” conceded Doherty.

“It doesn’t matter so much whether you’re still testing positive for drugs, the important thing is to turn up.”

After being found to have broken time-keeping rules, Doherty spent 29 days inside last year and credits that spell with helping him get clean.

“Wormwood Scrubs – if you’re in solitary confinement, it’s the best rehab in the world, really,” he said.

Earlier this month, Doherty said that he allows himself some alcohol, but is off the worst of his previous addictions.

“I’ve come into my own head a little bit really, being a bit more honest and open, rather than hiding in a crack pipe or wherever and just not turning up most of the time,” he said.