The essence of Aruna Seth shoes is to be the most glamorous, beautiful and luxurious shoes to adorn ladies feet across the world. Aruna Seth is a luxury brand exuding class, elegance and the ultimate perfect treat. Aruna Seth shoes are a gift to seriously spoil ladies who love shoes and adore rich materials. The shoe collection emulates high standards and quality for ladies who only want the finest. Each inspirational shoe and handbag is carefully designed and handcrafted to perfection in Northern Italy. Endless hours are spent creating Aruna Seth’s unique designs and only the finest quality materials chosen to ornament each shoe. Instantly recognisable shoes, ‘fit for a princess’ embellished with Swarovski and exquisite detailing.

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Aruna Seth prides itself on individualizing each shoe purchase personally for true shoe lovers by making sure each shoe is a special occasion. A London Chelsea boutique is soon to open in 2009. For the moment, Aruna Seth offers a personalized bespoke service and appointments can be booked for shoes to be fitted by Aruna Seth herself or a member of the team. Aruna Seth shoes are available internationally with a showroom in London and in Moscow solely for personal appointments. The exclusive online boutique is always open for shoe lovers to make purchases any time of the day.

“My desire, as long as I can remember has been to make the most beautiful, luxurious shoes in the world.” Aruna Seth quote

Aruna Seth’s collection offers the most desirable shoes for girls who truly wish to spoil themselves. Aruna is the ultimate heroine of fabulous shoes. With a family history firmly in the shoe world as both her father and brother run well-established footwear companies. Aruna has visited shoe factories and has gained first-hand knowledge of the curtained process of shoe manufacture since she was a young girl. An entrepreneurial spirit inherited from her father and a taste of fashion instilled within her. She chose after university to follow her dream and to start Aruna Seth shoes in 2006. Aruna’s multicultural background means inspirations for her collections are obtained from a range of cultures. Aruna travels the globe, visiting the fashion capitals of the world including Paris, Milan, New York and Moscow in search of elegant and inspiring pieces.

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