Mika the second to be sued by Mika the first

Mika is set to be sued by a female reggae artist who claims he stole her name.

Belgian star Mika says the Grace Kelly singer, whose full name is Mica Penniman, should change his moniker as she registered the name in the 80s.

She said: “I was called Mika before him and have registered the name. Even though his real name is Mica, I think he should change it.”

The reggae singer – who has released five albums in her native Belgium – also wants Mika to pay her damages.

A source told The Sun: “She’s not happy. There’s only
enough room for one Mika in the pop world – and she was here first.”

Belgian Mika released her debut single, MLK, in 1989 but it wasn’t a big hit and neither were her subsequent releases.

In contrast, the other Mika – whose family were forced to flee war-torn Lebanon for Paris before later settling in London – saw his debut album, Life In Cartoon Motion, sell more than three million copies worldwide.

If the Love Today singer is forced to change his name, he will not be the first.

In 2001, Popstars runners-up Liberty had to change their moniker to Liberty X while Irish boyband Westlife were originally known as Westside.