MADONNA and Guy Ritchie were handed a divorce in the High Court today (Friday 21 November).

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They’ll still have to wait six weeks for the first stage – this morning’s decree nisi – to move to completion – the decree absolute – but to all intents and purposes the music-to-movie hook-up is over.

Madonna gave Ritchie’s “unreasonable behaviour” as the reason for the split, a common explanation for quickie divorces of this type.

There was apparently no big row over money as Ritchie didn’t try to get his paws on Madonna’s fortune, but there were disputes over children.

In the settlement 12-year-old Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter from a previous relationship, will live with her in New York, while Rocco, eight, and David, three, the children from the couple’s eight years together, will stay mostly in London with Ritchie.

Ritchie is reported to have said “thank God!” after reaching the agreement.