Lily Allen had a crush on Boyzone star Stephen Gately.

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The 22-year-old pop star had a poster of the Irish boy band member on her bedroom wall when she was growing up, before he came out as a homosexual.

She said: “My first crush was on Stephen Gately from Boyzone. He wasn’t gay at the time. I had a poster of him in my room when I was younger. Then I grew up, took all my posters down. I still think he’s quite cute though.”

The Smile singer insists there have been a number of “important men in her life”, including her father Keith Allen and brother Alfie, all of who have shaped who she is today.

She said: “There have been loads of important men in my life – my father, my brother and my first and last boyfriends. But men are all the same really aren’t they? My dad’s taught me what not to do by generally being quite badly behaved himself, my boyfriends have taught me how to love and I’ve watched my little brother Alfie grow up so he’s given me an insight into boyhood.”