TEENAGERS in Britain are the least bovvered in the world when it comes to international affairs.

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That’s the finding of a survey for the British Council of over 4,000 11-16 year-olds conducted in 10 countries including kids in comparable European countries, the US, Brazil, India, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

Contributors to the survey were asked a series of questions on international affairs and then graded on a scale where one was the bottom score and seven the top. British kids came last with a 2.19 average, Nigerians top with 5.15. Americans were second last on 2.2.

“Our schoolchildren cannot afford to fall behind the rest of the world,” said Martin Davidson of the British Council. “For the UK to compete in a global economy, it is vital we encourage our young people to have an interest in the world around them.”

British youngsters also did badly on foreign languages, with 28 per cent of them saying they wanted to learn another tongue compared to 100 per cent in Saudi Arabia.