Liam Gallagher wants Oasis to reform for a ‘lap of honour’ in 2014

Liam Gallagher would bury the hatchet with his brother Noel and reform Oasis next year for a “lap of honour”.

The singer would love to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, ‘Definitely Maybe’, being released, and would bury the hatchet with his brother Noel – whom he fell out with in 2009 causing the band to break up – but is clear it would only be a one-off.

He said: “People ask would I get Oasis back together. I’d do it for nothing, but if someone’s going to drop a load of f***ing money, I’d do it for that too. I doubt we’d ever get back together again. If we do it’d be nice to do that f***ing thing that’s coming up [the anniversary], I’d be up for that. we could bury the hatchet for a lap of honour.”

However, Liam insists that afterwards he and Noel would go their separate ways with him singing for Beady Eye and his brother working on his High Flying Birds solo album.

He added to NME magazine: “I’d still go back to Beady Eye and Noel would go back to his thing. I don’t think we’d ever make another record.”

Beady Eye’s second album, ‘BE’ will be released on Monday (20.06.13).