LADY GAGA this week passed the 10 million Twitter followers mark to general acclaim, but new evidence suggests celebs who Tweet the most also have the shortest time in fickle fame’s spotlight.

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Media industry analysts Bauer Media report that record companies are worried that fans “knowing too much can kill off rock stars”.

“In this social media age, it’s all too easy to follow your musical icons on a minute-by-minute basis,” says the report, as revealed in the Daily Mail.

“There’s a consensus within the industry that this ease of access is leading to artists losing appeal more quickly.”

Artists in Danger of Losing Their Appeal

1. Lady Gaga – 10.1 million Twitter followers
2. Justin Bieber – 9.7M
3. Barack Obama – 8M
4. Britney Spears – 7.9M
5. Kim Kardashian – 7.5M
6. Katy Perry – 7.3M
7. Ashton Kutcher – 6.8M
8. Ellen DeGeneres – 6.7M
9. Taylor Swift – 6.4M
10. Shakira – 6M